Compliance and On-Road Assistance

Kiwi Motorhome Importing will take care of the full import process on your behalf. We can start with talking to your overseas supplier to ensure your vehicle gets to the port or loading depot and then we liaise with shipping lines and port stevedores. Once on board we make sure the appropriate marine/transit insurance is arranged and all the correct documentation is in place.

Once your vehicle arrives in NZ we will direct the shipment for MPI inspections, cleaning if necessary and clearance. Kiwi Motorhome Importing handles the NZ Customs clearance and pays all GST and Duties on behalf of you if you prefer. We will then invoice you one easy invoice in NZD that covers all these charges to keep it clear and worry free.

Once the import clearance process is complete, Kiwi Motorhome Importing can provide delivery of your motorhome directly to our nearest compliance centre for the compliance inspection & WOF/COF as required and the registration, road user charges can also be arranged on your behalf. We will ensure the correct paperwork and information is given to the inspectors taking the confusion and worry out of your hands.

We also have trusted partners who can offer gas system and electrical inspections/modifications to ensure you meet all legal and safety requirements with a 4 year certification to enable you to use your motorhome at all campgrounds around NZ. We can also provide you with 4 year self-containment certification to enable you to enjoy other camping options throughout NZ.

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