Immigrants and Immigration

If you are an immigrant, or are returning to New Zealand after 21 months or more overseas, you are entitled to duty concessions, (conditions apply) on private motor vehicles, motorhomes, Caravans, boats and aircraft that either accompany you or are sent separately. It is possible to import more than one motor vehicle, motorhome, caravan, motorcycle, motor scooter, boat, or aircraft, duty free, if you are able to meet all the concessionary requirements for each vehicle, boat or aircraft. To show that all conditions have been met, you will require full documentary evidence. If you do not qualify for concessionary entry, private motor vehicles and aircraft will attract GST only, but boats, camper vans and motorhomes will attract tariff duties as well as GST when they are brought in.

If you are a UK citizen planning to emigrate to New Zealand, special rules apply to you if you intend to take your motorhome with you. Because of the high cost of motorhomes in New Zealand, it is likely to be very financially advantageous to export your motorhome to New Zealand, and we encourage you to explore the options with us. We provide a full and comprehensive service to navigate the complexities of campervan and motorhome shipping, importation and all compliance procedures, and assistance for new immigrants from the UK to New Zealand.

If you are planning to travel the UK or Europe in a motorhome or campervan, it may be that you could export the campervan or motorhome back to your homeland at the end of the trip and save a considerable amount of up to 10-25% when compared with an identical NZ motorhome (right-hand drive vehicles only).

The cost of motorhomes and campervans currently in New Zealand are very high when compared to their UK equivalent, and many are being exported from the UK to New Zealand. If you are going to use/rent a motorhome or campervan, it may be worth checking what the value of the campervan would be in New Zealand and investigating the transport/importation costs. It could be that you could get back a lot of your holiday costs from the sale of the campervan when you return home.

Buying a motorhome in the UK and exporting it back to New Zealand can be very worthwhile and currently many New Zealand and Australian citizens are importing quality new UK/European motorhomes to New Zealand and achieving considerable savings when compared to local motorhome prices, typically in the vicinity of 10-25%.

If you decide to purchase a brand new motorhome in the UK for export, you can currently purchase this without paying any UK Taxes (VAT at the rate of 20%). In addition, if you use the vehicle for your holiday you may be able to qualify for depreciation at 1.125% per month after a 3-month qualification period, on the duties payable upon importation to NZ, based on the time of ownership and actual use overseas.

The rules for exporting/importing motorhomes to New Zealand are quite complex, however it can be very cost-effective. We have the industry experts who can advise you and assist with the process and arrange the shipping, compliance, registration and self-containment. Please contact us for further details.

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